April 21, 2021

Where Are the Creative Jobs?

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Many of us want a job that is ‘creative’, but the reality of the jobs market can seriously challenge our hopes. Why are there not more creative positions? What do we really want when we use this word ‘creative’? Using this film to understand the economy in greater depth can help us see our options and understand our pains.
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“For many of us, our strongest and at the same time vaguest desire is to be more creative. And when we think about what it would mean to be creative, we arrive at a dauntingly fixed range of jobs. We might be visually creative: and so identify that we want to be a painter, photographer, film-maker, designer or architect. We might be intellectually creative: and so want to be a novelist, journalist or academic. We might be musically creative: and so want to start a band. Or we might be sensorily creative: and so want to start a restaurant. The problem is that securing any of these jobs is – statistically speaking – almost impossible. We end up blocked, sure of what we want to be, yet also unable to break into our chosen field.”


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