April 18, 2021

What's In Tesla's Million-Mile Battery and When It's Coming

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Tesla will have a new battery, with new components and no cobalt, revealed at Battery Day event and called a Million-Mile Battery. It will reduce the cost of Tesla cars and make them cheaper to make than gas cars. More at

Elon Musk has teased fresh news about Tesla’s Battery Day event after suggesting it will be “one of the most exciting days” in the company’s history.

On Twitter, the billionaire boss of the electric car company said the reveal—expected to include confirmation of a “million-mile battery”—could take place in two parts, with an initial webcast next month followed by an in-person event later in the year.

According to the Reuters, the move will bring the cost of the electric vehicles closer to its gasoline rivals and the batteries will have “cobalt-free” chemistries.

Musk said in 2018 the next-gen batteries should use zero cobalt, which is expensive and often mined in conditions that violate human rights.

During a Tesla event last year that focused on the cars’ self-driving capabilities, Musk referenced next-gen batteries, stating that new packs are “probably going to production next year” and will be “designed explicitly for one million miles of operation.”


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