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Today on IntoTech, Ani Baboomian is here to tell us all about TUMO the world’s largest creative technology center. Which has been up and running for almost four years. You will never guess where it is located. Tumo a not for profit building run by volunteers in the Armenian capital of Yerevan. The center was opened in 2011..

Tumo has more than five thousands active students attending on a weekly basis, participating in different workshops. The four main focus areas are Digital Media, Animation, Game Development, and Web Development. In addition to main focus areas, the Tumo curriculum covers a set of supporting technical and artistic skills that are essential across all four areas. Workshops like robotics, programming, 3D modeling, music and photography and many more. It also worth mentioning that Tumo is a non profit program and everything is completely free for all the students.

Tumo was born from the imaginations of Sam and Sylva Simonian. The Simonian Foundation fully funds the Tumo center, its programs the adjoining plaza and the Tumanyan Park. The center has a unique curriculum, the goal of which is to provide space and tools to Armenia’s next generation to develop skills and creativity that could give them a fair chance to compete with their peers on an international level.

Armenia has a great potential for growth among it’s talented young people but such concepts could be successful everywhere in the world, as a matter of fact, Tumo started a summer camp program for students leaving abroad. They have international students from Spain, US, Russia, Romania so keep an eye for the next year’s summer camp, which is fun and educational at the same time. If you would like to hear about more great projects like Tumo then check out

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