April 22, 2021
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ULVAC Vacuum Technology Used to Freeze Dry Orange Juice, Fast, compact, high vacuum pump, dry pump

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ULVAC, Inc. ( (Headquartered in Japan) is a global leader with the most comprehensive portfolio of vacuum technologies in the world. ULVAC has been continuously developing manufacturing solutions in applications of thin film battery, power device, non-volatile memory, and PZT piezoelectric MEMS sensor which are all key elements for the IoT world.

ULVAC is a Japanese company that supplies manufacturing equipment to the display and photo-voltaic industry. They offer nanoparticle products using three materials in the main, namely silver, gold and ITO. They have the capability to offer both dispersed and formulated inks (IDTechEx: formulated refers to solutions suitable for printing). The ability to vertically integrate (form the particles, dispersions and inks) allows more value capture within the company.
ULVAC Technologies, Inc. is a leading supplier of production systems, instrumentation, vacuum pumps and components for the semiconductor, MEMS, solar, flat panel display, research automotive, medical, electrical, and refrigeration industries. ULVAC Technologies uses a class-10 process development laboratory and customer demonstration facility to meet the unique needs of their different markets. ULVAC Technologies is a subsidiary of ULVAC, Inc., which is made up of 39 companies engaged in most sectors of the vacuum industry.

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