April 20, 2021

The National, Copenhagen

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Last year the American rock band the National toured North America and Europe with the new album “I’m easy to find” where Creative Technology (CT) proudly supported the European leg of the tour with lighting, video, IMAG and scenic for Production Designer Michael Brown’s epic design.

The video setup consisted of three LED screens showing the graphic content designed by Video Designer Ben Krall and operated by Video Director Shane Mongar. The lighting rig of 92 lighting fixtures was operated by Lighting Director Zach Sternberg. The Martin Sceptron “Zoid” centerpiece was created by CT Denmark and also featured the US leg of the Tour.

CT Denmark were happy to assist Production Manager Stu Tenold, with the lighting and video crew including tour rigger and crew chief.
“I love working with Emil and his team at CT. The proficiency, technical insight, ability to solve problems and commitment to safety is such an asset to our show. Emil’s team also consistently works with kindness and respect for those around them to help foster an enjoyable, connected work environment.” Said Stage Manager, Matt Monahan.


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