Tesla Battery Day Expectations Terafactories and Battery Cell Production

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The two main topics that are emerging from discussions and expectations from the Tesla Battery Day are narrowing down to Terafactories and battery cell production.

Tesmanian reports

Tesla Battery Day will be one of the EV tech company’s biggest events this year. Talk of Terafactories have been circulating as excitement for Battery Day becomes palpable in the TSLA community. As it rapidly approaches, HyperChange (HC) and The Limiting Factor (TLF) got together to share their expectations and theories about Tesla Battery Day. Their first topic: Terafactories.

The two Tesla enthusiasts didn’t waste any time and immediately dived into a conversation about the company’s potential Terafactories in the future. “Tesla will reveal the machine that will allow them to scale to terawatt-hours, fulfilling the promise to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. We can’t do that unless you have factories that can crank out massive amounts of batteries. That’s why I’m excited about it,” replied TLF to HC’s question about his expectations for Battery Day.

The second topic that was discussed was the possibility that Tesla will produce its own battery cells at the Fremont factory and set up another Terafactory for Battery cell production.

Tesla is increasingly leaning toward making its own accessories and parts that are used in making Tesla cars. Do you think it will cut ties with Panasonic? I discuss that in this report as well.


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