April 10, 2021

Technology Today & Tomorrow: What It Holds For Our Future

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Our guest speaker, Cris Ross, Chief Information Officer at Mayo Clinic will be joined by a member of the Management Engineering & Consulting (ME&C) Leadership team, Jan Jasperson, to discuss the implementation of a new electronic health record across to set the stage for incorporation of new digital tools, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Cris Ross leads the Department of Information Technology and has responsibility for the recent implementation of an enterprise-wide EHR, develops digital partnerships, and has initiated major innovation programs in the areas of data, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Join this LIVE Webcast to learn how ME&C collaborates with Information Technology on projects related to the electronic health record and improving workflows to support the practice and EHR. Jan will be sharing ME&C’s experience with the EHR implementation and ongoing optimization.

Key takeaways:
•Share Mayo Clinic’s experience with the recent implementation of a single electronic health record across their entire health system
•Describe on-going efforts at Mayo Clinic and nationally to digitize the healthcare experience for patients.
•Explain ongoing efforts to optimize the EHR and clinical workflows to support the clinical practice
•Describe future opportunities in artificial intelligence and machine learning to aid in clinical and administrative decision making.

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