Tech News Today 1729: Android Omphaloskepsis

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Apple announced a cheaper 9.7 iPad with an A9 chip, starting at $329 for 32GB. They also revealed a special edition Project Red iPhone 7 which costs $100 more than the regular iPhone 7 and will support HIV/AIDS programs. And say goodbye to the 16 gigabyte iPhone. Apple will release two new iPhone SEs, with double the storage at 32GB and 128GB, but no other changes.
The US and the UK introduced bans on the use of electronic devices larger than a smartphone in plane cabins from a total of 10 Muslim-majority nations on Tuesday. Under the ban, laptops, e-readers, handheld gaming devices and cameras all have to be stowed away in checked luggage, and can’t be taken into the cabin or used during flights. The ban only applies to passengers — not the flight crew — and is the same for both those who are and aren’t citizens of the US and UK. The ban covers flights to the US from Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The UK ban applied to flights from Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.
Chip designer ARM just announced DynamIQ (that’s dynam I-Q), a new chip technology designed for self-driving cars. ARM hopes DynamIQ will help power the AI in all of our internet-of-things devices which are supposed to experience a 50-fold boost over the next three to five years.
We’ll also talk about Android O, Netflix and Net Neutrality with Jake Kastranakes of The Verge, and ordering booze from Amazon Prime using the Echo speaker.

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