Tech புதுசு #7 | Top 5 New Technology that is very useful in 2020

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Tech புதுசு #7 | Top 5 New Technology that is very useful in 2020

#1 Travelmate Robotics

#2 Smart KAPP

#3 Scribit

#4 SafeDome

#5 Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold

#6 Nano Bag

#1 Travelmate: a Fully Autonomous Suitcase and Robot.All Travelmate models will include a built in scale that will accurately measure the weight of your suitcase’s contents. You’ll never have to worry about over packing.Multi colored LED lighting signifies your suitcase’s battery level, moving direction and shows other signals.Travelmate includes a GPS chip that helps orient the suitcase and allows you to know the location of it at all times. You can remove the GPS chip and attach it to other things that are easily lost.Travelmate uses a secure TSA standard Bluetooth enabled lock.Low energy Bluetooth module allows for a long lasting and consistent connection.The battery that powers Travelmate can be easily removed and is charged with wireless technology. The battery can be used to charge almost all electronics through a USB port and a standard electrical outlet.

#2 A dry-wipe board that digitally captures, saves and shares your notes as you use it. Simply pair your smartphone or tablet with SMART kapp and anything you write or draw on the dry-wipe surface will appear on your mobile device. As marks are erased, they disappear from your display too.

Get your colleagues involved by sharing your session with any web enabled device in real time. You can capture and save snapshots at any time during the session. Connections are secure and when the session is ended any unsaved information is immediately deleted. Using SMART kapp is as simple as a whiteboard – a whiteboard that records and shares your ideas!

#3 Scribit uses two wheels to climb (almost) any type of vertical surface. Whiteboards, glass and standard plaster are the surfaces we recommend to obtain the highest quality drawings.
Thanks to a special patented technology, Scribit can safely draw, erase and re-draw content an infinite number of times, allowing you to print a different image on your wall every few minutes.

#4 See last location of your wallet or bag on a map. Setup zones such as Home or Work for left behind reminders
USE BLUETOOTH TO FIND YOU LOST VALUABLES – Similar to a GPS tracker, this Bluetooth smart tracking card helps you locate your lost wallet, purse, luggage, backpack, or bag. Find the location of your lost item on a map in the Safedome mobile app.
SUPER SLIM TRACKING AT 0.75MM – The water resistant item locator is exactly the same size as a credit card at 0.75mm. It slips nicely into wallets, backpacks, and laptop bags. You’ll be amazed at how much tech is in such a slim tracking device.
BLUETOOTH 5 CONNECTIVITY – Safedome Classic Tracker Card offers Bluetooth 5 with improved signal stability and strength between the card and your smartphone. This means up to 2x the range (up to 100m / 300 ft.) than trackers that use Bluetooth 4.
EASY TO USE MOBILE APP & LONG LASTING BATTERY LIFE – Download the FREE Safedome companion app from the App Store or Google Play.The built-in battery in this phone & wallet finder lasts 12 months with normal usage. The battery is non-replaceable and this tracking card does not have audio alerts.

#5 ThinkPad X1 Fold is the first fully functional PC with a folding OLED display. Designed to offer unprecedented productivity, it will offer a ground-breaking new form factor that will reimagine mobile computing. As it morphs through multiple modes, from a small footprint device into a fully flat 13.3-inch display, X1 Fold will deliver laptop efficiency with smartphone portability. Built from a combination of lightweight alloys and carbon fiber and covered in a luxurious leather folio cover, the X1 Fold will offer the durability and reliability users expect from any ThinkPad. Co-engineered with Intel, the Always Connected PC is powered by Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® Hybrid Technology and will initially be available with Windows 10 in mid-2020.

#6 This project was inspired by the countless unnecessary single use plastic bags we received. Unable to find a premium reusable ‘carry-everywhere’ alternative that we could easily keep in our pocket, we decided to create the ultimate portable shopping bag ourselves.Ultra-light, ultra-strong, ultra-foldable. You won’t believe how small these premium shopping bags pack. These tiny shopping bags are convenient to carry in your pocket at all times, are super comfortable to carry, and easily carries 66lbs (30kg).

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