April 11, 2021

Portal – Meet The Cores 3

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The Android Hell Blues full song:
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Bandcamp –
Spotify –
Full Music Video –

Meet The Cores is an animated Portal series that takes a deeper look into the mechanical denizens of the Aperture Science research facility.

Some more behind the scenes footage of us recording voices for this episode:

VFX Breakdowns:

I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who continues to help make this very ambitious project possible – all of my amazing friends that contributed their great vocal talents and helped with writing, The Stupendium for allowing the use of his recording studio, and my many awesome Patreon supporters! Thank you all so much. ^_^

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Cast: (in order of appearance)

John Callaghan
Gaming Core

Harry Callaghan [Harry101UK]
Fact Core | Construction Core | Quest Core | Additional

Stig Finsen Sydtangen [DragonNOR]


Sean Oxspring [OxyOxspring]

Ego Core

Sara Secora [AviGaming]


Gregory Holgate [The Stupendium]

Fergus | Legal Core | Lava Manager | Loose-Screws Louis | Chuck | Ray | Additional

Sandra Espinoza [Dusty Old Roses]

Dr. Alma

JT Kay [Plarby]


The Android Hell Blues:
Written and performed by Gregory Holgate [The Stupendium]
Composed and produced by Harry Callaghan

Harry Callaghan
Writing | Animation | Lighting | Editing | Audio Design | Scene Design | Texture Design | Original Music

Gregory Holgate | Sean Oxspring
Additional Writing

Additional music:
Epidemic Sound – Various Artists
Bungie – Destiny OST

August Loolam [Rantis]

Improved Core & Turret animation rigs

2D Art:
GLaDOS pixel art based on design by Nekmeko:

COOP Bots Poster 01 design by Lintufriikki

COOP Bots Poster 02 design by Ghostfire

Wheatley Duvet Art design by Aradnom

‘Portaltale’ design based on Undertale assets.

Animated and rendered with Source Filmmaker.
Additional editing and visual-effects with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.
Audio design with Propellerhead Reason 8 and Celemony Melodyne Studio.
2D and texture design in Adobe Photoshop.

Portal is owned by Valve.


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