April 21, 2021

Plaid Model S May Come To Tesla Battery Day with a Million-Mile Battery

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Tesla Battery Day may showcase a new million-mile battery powered Plaid Model S. See the reference at

Torque News contributor Dean McManis writes that Plaid Model S may be the show-vehicle for Tesla’s new batteries, and possibly revealed on the in-person Battery Day event before the end of the year.

Plaid is a nickname for Tesla’s newest high-speed platform. The Plaid name is from the Movie Spaceballs that designates a speed faster than fast.

Historically, Elon Musk has done dramatic presentations at his public events, often showing off new technologies and new vehicles together. My suspicion is that we will hear all about the details of the new Million Mile battery technologies, and capabilities in June along with news on CATL’s low-cost batteries for Tesla’s Chinese market, plus plans for their RoboTaxis, their new Autobidder software, bidirectional charging, and more.

Since the Plaid drivetrain was already slated to be sold later this year, it would be a crushing blow to competitors if Tesla combined the Model S Plaid powertrain with the upcoming Million Mile battery pack. In one sense that seems like it is too tight of a timeframe to go from just patenting new battery technology to actually producing a brand new battery pack in large quantities for the upgraded Model S. But it could be that Tesla has already built and tested these new batteries during their “secret” Roadrunner project testing, and they could potentially be ready for production and use in the updated Plaid Model S in a few month’s time.

Is it wishful dreaming, or a real possibility that we could see a Million Mile battery-powered Plaid Model S before the end of this year?


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