April 22, 2021

Outsourcing Technology On-Site Support Can Be Efficient and Profitable For Hotels

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Technology management is quickly becoming a popular discussion in the hotel industry. The sheer investment in hospitality technology applications is making management and maintenance of these systems complex for hoteliers.

Carrying in-house engineers for support can cost hotels more than the salary of the engineer in the long run. In addition, resources require constant training, management, and appraisals to ensure they are growing in their limited roles.

Most hotel owners consider hiring the services of a professional hotel technology management company. These managed professionals are better equipped and trained to handle hotel technology maintenance and service recovery in the event of disasters.

Introducing Advanced Hospitality Technologies Inc.
AHT Inc. has pioneered the business of hotel technology management with a prestigious portfolio of hotels that we have been contracted by. Our professional team is equipped with leading-edge knowledge, 3 decades of experience, and sound infrastructure to support hotels with breakthrough on-site technical support.

Managed by a certified Director of Information Technology, our teams are well versed with hotel systems, franchise standards, and industry trends. AHT Inc. hires, evaluates, assesses, and manage all on-site engineers so hotel owners need not worry about the nitty gritties of hotel technology management.

As a most demanded feature, our team also delivers timely Digital Hand configurations, maintenance, emergency services, and system checkups. Our highly proficient engineers maintain logs and deliver meaningful reports to hotel management ensuring the hotel owner is kept up with all on-site service developments.

We are also certified & qualified compliance and cybersecurity GAP assessors to ensure your hotel complies with all leading payment security, data security, and network security guidelines from the PCI Compliance Council.

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