April 10, 2021

New Energy-Efficient TV Technology

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Tube TVs used to be the standard, but now LCD and LED TVs have taken over the industry with a better picture and increased energy efficiency. In fact, a new digital television uses about half the amount of electricity as the old analog models.

However, that does not mean people use less energy watching television than they did a couple decades ago. Most homes used to have one or two TVs, but now the average home has 4 flat screens that are higher resolution and have more options, which use much more energy.

There are several types of TVs to choose from:
• LED – Light Emitting Diodes
• OLED – a variation of LED sets
• LCD – Liquid Chrystal Display
• 4K Hi Definition

Among the newest and most popular TV styles are the 4K ultra-high definition, curved TVs and OLEDs. Curved and 4K high-def TVs have been on the market for a few years and have proven their quality and popularity with consumers.

To learn more about the energy efficiency of a TV, look for the yellow energy tag. LEDs provide a better picture and viewing experience, but will use more energy per year. Plasma TV technology has been almost phased out of the market and uses more energy than newer technologies.

Streaming services and internet capabilities are not yet standard, but are included for most televisions sold today. Due to the continued popularity of these services, they will likely become standard on every new TV.

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