April 20, 2021

Learn English with Video – Talking Technology in English

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You just enrolled in an American college but have never really been savvy in the technology department. Everyone you talk to in English, though, tells you about some new technology that you’ve never heard of before. You visit the English language learning lab for lessons in American technology. You’ll learn the English terms for new technology, and maybe even meet some new people to talk to in English. In this lesson you’ll learn English terms for everyday technology.

This English video series is a brand new way to learn English. Learn everyday vocabulary and key verbs in this English video lesson. Read the English lesson notes to learn about the English present tense, present progressive tense, and simple past tense. Join us, and see what you’ve been missing! Visit us at EnglishClass101.com where you will find many more fantastic English lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!

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