Kongahälla Center

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The grand opening of Kongahälla Center took place March 28 and was one of the biggest local events in Kungälv’s history. The festivities at the brand-new shopping mall lasted during the entire weekend, with an estimated amount of 130 000 visitors.

Mediatec was there to capture the excitement, where our digital signage installations played an important role in the communication during the event.

Research shows that our eyes are automatically drawn to moving objects, therefore digital signage attracts greater attention than static signs can do.

Check out the 2,5 x 7 m tall LED screen near the food hall area, where over 15 000 guests dined during the grand opening weekend. A sleek 98” LCD screen is installed above the escalator, a perfect location for displaying tactical offers while people are waiting in the escalator.

Outdoors, the largest LED screen is 24 x 8,5 m facing west towards the highway. The northern LED screen, 11 x 6 m, faces the parking area on the main floor. The 5,5 x 3 m LED screen in the south faces Kungälv’s Travel Center, a busy transit area suitable for attracting more floor traffic into the shopping center with the help of digital signage.

The brightness of the outdoor screens is automatically adjusted depending on the impact of sunlight. Direct sunlight towards the screens increases the brightness and during the evening and night time the brightness is lowered to give a pleasant impression.

To learn more about our screen installations, and receive a personal tour of Kongahälla Center’s digital signage, please contact our knowledgeable Installations team at Mediatec: sales.installations@mediatecgroup.com

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