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Yokohama’s Honcho Primary School is 100 years old, but its 600 students are getting a new sort of education. When the city renovated the school building 10 years ago, it made some sweeping changes. Gone gone are the old-style cram sessions…but most noticeably, the school removed the walls between classrooms and corridors on the premise that open classrooms encourage open minds.
Also, Honcho installed computers to spark the children’s interest and heighten their desire to learn… and without walled classrooms, the children can move about freely, from class to class and computer to computer.


VS of children at play on a soccer field;
VS of children doing school work;
TS of girl looking at a mural on the ground;
pull back to WS of the mural;
Dissolve WS of Honcho School;
dissolve back in to common area inside school;
push to classroom area;
MS and pan of classroom areas;
VS of children in computer area of school;
VS of children walking in and around school;
VS of more children at computers;
VS children in classroom;
teacher helping children with project;
vs children working on project;
VS children back at computers;
computer screens;
children working with and on computers;
vs of computer screen and graphics;
VS of children in gym class;
montage of children all over the school;
SOT Principal: “We don’t believe in cramming. We want open classrooms to develop initiative and opportunities for grade school students to meet people and situations of all kinds…and we want them to think of computers as pencils and paper.”
VS of computer screen;
montage of shots outside school.


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