April 10, 2021

Israel's New Battle Rifle From IWI: The Carmel

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NOTE: The model in this video is a prototype copy, features and design subject to change. The 5.56x45mm Carmel was introduced recently by IWI Israel. We haven’t really gotten a chance to get our hands on one until now when we caught up to IWI in Tel Aviv, Israel. No word yet on whether or not the rifle would be introduced to the U.S. commercial market but it does look like IWI wants to market it for the international export marketplace with military users.

The Carmel is a short stroke gas piston operated select-fire self-loading rifle that utilizes a 30-round STANAG magazine. It comes equipped with a right side folding stock whose butt cap is also used to access the internal components of the rifle for disassembly. One of the key features of the rifle is its ambidexterity. The magazine release, bolt release/hold open, and selector are accessible from both sides of the receiver, in addition to the charging handle having the ability to be switched to either side of its channel by simply pushing it to the other side. The rifle has 6 sling attachment points, an adjustable stock for length of pull and cheek rest height, in addition to full-length 12 o’clock Picatinny rail for optics and three Picatinny rails that make up the handguards (covered by rail covers).


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