April 11, 2021

How CNN (Convolutional Neural Networks – Deep Learning) algorithm works

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In this video I present a simple example of a CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) applied to image classification of digits. CNN is one of the well known Deep Learning algorithms.

I firstly explain the basics of Neural Networks, i.e. the artificial neuron, followed by the concept of convolution, and the common layers in a CNN, such as convolutional, pooling, fully connected, and softmax classification.

I read several references to prepare this material, but the main references are:
* Towards better exploiting convolutional neural networks for Remote Sensing scene classification. By Keiller Nogueira, Otávio Penatti, Jefersson dos Santos
* Everything you wanted to know about Deep Learning for computer vision but were afraid to ask. By Moacir Ponti, Leonardo Ribeiro, Tiago Nazaré, Tu Bui, John Collomosse

I also created an Octave (Matlab like) source code to implement the basic CNN showed in this video, which are available at my github. Please follow the link for more details on the source code:

This presentation is available at my Prezi site, at this link:

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