Hong Kong riots continue as police struggle to control protesters – Daily Mail

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Organisers said 3,000 people gathered outside the Chinese embassy in central London (left) with more in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens (right) and New York’s Times Square (inset). Demonstrations were arranged in more than 25 cities yesterday including Paris, Toronto, Seoul, Taipei, Melbourne and Glasgow. The so-called Umbrella Revolution began when China said it would vet candidates for a 2017 leadership election and has caused anger worldwide after Hong Kong’s riot police had used tear gas, pepper spray and baton charges at the weekend to try to quell unrest. Security officials in Beijing have also been accused of using technology to glean information from protesters communicating with iPhones and iPads. Yesterday the former British colony’s final governor, Lord Patten, said the Chinese government had broken the promises it made to the island city when it was handed control in 1997.

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