April 22, 2021

History of Materials for Energy and Information Technology

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The present era is the era of renewable energy and advanced information technology. With continued growth of population there has been a continued growth in the demand for energy resources apart from the conventional fossil fuels which has created huge pollution and threat to the environment. The course presents a rigorous discussion on the materials in current research to develop methods for harnessing energy from sustainable renewable resources such as sun, wind, water, ocean, earth, nuclear materials and materials for energy storage.
The second part of the course deals with advanced materials for Information technology. This includes a general description about the materials humankind developed through ages in different regions across the globe by independent civilizations. Later the civilizations developed interesting methods of communication with other neighboring as well as distant civilizations and learnt to work in unison to invent advanced materials and methods for greater achievements. The heart of information technology lies in the advent of computers and data processing. In this part of the lecture we shall explore and learn about the generations of computers in human life ranging from desktop to mobile cell phones, critical materials and their processing technologies, satellite and communication and future materials.
All the photo/video sources are duly credited in this lecture and are gratefully acknowledged. This is purely for educational purpose and not for any commercial profit/intent.

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