April 22, 2021

General Dynamics – What is General Dynamics Information Technology's Military Recruitment Program?

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Tim Strike with General Dynamics-IT discusses the company’s strategy for hiring transitioning military personnel.

Interviewer: General Dynamics does a lot of business within the defense and the intelligence community. You actively recruit military personnel. Can you tell me about your recruiting of military personnel?

Tim Strike: We do actively recruit military personnel. We attend events on bases, transitional events including TAP classes and job fairs, and get to know the individuals that are available. Over the next three we months, we’ll be transitioned from the military adding to the private sector. We talk to them about their goals, their interest in the next career and find out how it matches up with our current opportunities and future positions.

Interviewer: Why does General Dynamics wants to hire military personnel?

Tim Strike: I think it’s three fold. One they’re coming with the experience being in the military, being deployed, you’re supporting the mission. Number two, their leadership skills. Their knowledge of leading a team in how to get the job done. So, they’ve been in that position of being successful. We’re looking for individuals that have that. The third area would be the technical knowledge that they’re coming with out of the military.

Interviewer: From your experience, you’ve obviously interviewed many military personnel. What would be some of the recommendations you would give to them as they approach their job search in private industry or with General Dynamics in particular?

Tim Strike: It’s never too early to start will be my first recommendation. Start researching, finding out, for General Dynamics, what type of business we’re in and looking at other organizations as well to make sure that they can transition smoothly when they finish up their commitment or retiring and going from the military to the private sector.

Interviewer: Is there anything in particular that General Dynamics does for military personnel who are transitioning either during the hiring process or during their first few weeks with General Dynamics?

Tim Strike: It is. We have an orientation for military personnel so they get to understand how the private sector works, the industry. They’ve been in the military for five, ten, twenty plus years. So giving them the opportunity to understand how a government contracting firm works and how they best fit into the organization.

Interviewer: General Dynamics does a lot of work within the defense industry. I understand that you interview many military personnel. When you’re at a job fair, what are you looking for from the military personnel and is it OK to wear a uniform at a job fair?

Tim Strike: It is OK to wear a uniform at a job fair. We are looking at individuals seeking to make that next career step. Really their second career going from the military into the private sector. We’re going to talk to them about the opportunities; how best to transition into another industry.

Interviewer: As we’re looking at the hiring season for 2009, what are some of the key positions that you’re looking for military personnel to fill in 2009?

Tim Strike: We’re looking for individuals who are willing to deploy. We have a large percentage of work that is overseas — OCONUS. So individuals that willing to go overseas to complete the mission. In terms of tech skills we’re looking for network engineers, systems engineers, administrators, developers. It runs the gamut of technical skills.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time today. GDIT has been a great partner with Cleared Jobs.Net. You’ve been to many of our Cleared Job Fairs, it’s been a pleasure to have your recruiters with us, it’s been great working with you on our job board and our direct mail products. I want to thank you for your time today. You really are a great partner to work with within this industry.

Tim Strike: Thank you Kathleen. I want to thank you and also ClearedJobs.Net for what you do not for us only as a company but also for the candidates themselves. You make it easier for the entire process of identifying and hiring top performers in the industry. I appreciate your efforts with that.

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