April 10, 2021

Free Energy Generator Using Neodymium Magnetic Rotor

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i am show about free energy generator using neodymium magnetic rotor. the neodymium magnetic force affected on neodymium magnetic rotor. the rotor are rotated. the dc motor generate electric current.


Components Link :

1. Ice Stick

2. Neodymium Magnet (10×5)

3. Timing Belt

4. Pulley (20Teeth)

5. Ball Bearing

6. Dc Motor (385)


One form energy converted into another form energy.like a heat energy converted electric current or electric energy.

Free energy is “NOT POSSIBLE”.

The magnets, Simcards,…..(any components) create a without energy formation.

All free energy Videos are “NOT WORKING”.

So don’t try, so waste of time.

This video is “entertainment” purpose .


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