FeedDemon Tutorial: RSS Feeds for Sourcing & Research

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* Download FeedDemon Here:
* Install the Software, using the “Express Install” feature
* Download the List of Sourcing & Research RSS Feed Sites Here:
* Within FeedDemon, click on file – then import – OPML File. Select the downloaded file to import.

Organize your feeds as you see fit! Enjoy the latest news and posts in sourcing & research

Thanks to Dean Da Costa for the list of RSS sites. Connect with him and other great sourcers at SourceCon.QA:

Contact Tony Stemen: tonystemen@thenovogroup.com

About the Novo Group:

The Novo Group, Inc. is an integrated corporate recruitment advisory firm that helps organizations attract top talent by leveraging a proprietary recruitment framework designed to raise quality of hire metrics while decreasing enterprise recruiting costs. Novo delivers these customized recruitment solutions with one of the most effective teams of wickedly smart recruiters in the country. Because of Novo’s unique hourly pricing model, Novo’s clients hired over 1300 professionals in the last three year with over 50% of the candidates being passive and a cost per hire of less than half of the traditional search firms. Novo is a national company headquartered in Milwaukee, WI with offices in Chicago and St. Louis and a remote workforce in Arizona, California, Pennsylvania, and Texas.
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