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If staying on the forefront of technology and problem solving intrigue you, you should consider a career in Information Technology!

South Texas College is a leader in training I-T professionals and our program is highly respected in the job market.

“We have quite a few graduates from South Texas College. A great program!”, said David Culberson, Director of Technology at the Sharyland Independent School District. “And, it shows because we’re hiring them. They’re in the field today, we’re using them on both the computer services side of the house…the networking side of the house and our instructional as well, so, well rounded individuals.”

Many of our graduates are finding rewarding careers with government agencies, technology driven companies and school districts such as Alps Electric, Mission Hospital, Sharyland ISD, and other employers.

“I pretty much oversee everything technology related,” Culberson said. “From programs to purchasing hardware, security, servers, computers, network, wireless, wired, phones, PDAs, iPhones, iPads, tablets, everything. If it plugs into the wall, we’re a part of it.”

“Where do I see myself going? The next C-I-O. (Chief Information Officer),” said Anna Saenz, a computer services technician at South Texas College. “ I’m going for my bachelor’s now here at STC and after that, after I pursue my bachelor’s, I want to get my masters and keep going. Technology changes like everyday.”

South Texas College offers several degree and certificate options, employer networking opportunities or internships AND our students can even become certified as a Cisco Certified Network Administrator.

“We have the networking specialist Associate’s Degree, we follow the Cisco curriculum, we are a local Cisco academy which we are only one of a few if not the only in the Valley,” said Adolfo Lozano, the Information Technology Program Chair at South Texas College. “By the time the students finish their Associate’s Degree, they are ready to take the CCNA and they can become industry certified with those credentials.”

The I-T Program at South Texas College has also added a degree in Information Security & Digital Forensics.
Digital Investigators could earn anywhere from $80 to $140 thousand a year.

“Students with this type of skill are going to be working with local government agencies,” added Lozano. “It could be with the FBI, law enforcement, to secure the data when an investigation is going on when it comes to crimes being committed using technology.”

For more information or advisement about any of our programs, visit with an Information Technology faculty member, visit us online (bt.southtexascollege.edu/it) or call (956) 872-6101 today!

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