February 28, 2021

Evidence for Ancient High Technology – Part 1: Machining

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Part 2:
An investigation into the evidence for ancient high technology found across the world. We look into the evidence for machining and advanced methods of shaping and polishing stone, as well as the varying levels of technology found on ancient sites and artifacts.
I spend a bit of time explaining the context around the claim for ancient high technology, as well as address the mainstream attachment to the ‘status quo’ story of history.

In part 2 (coming soon) we’ll get into logistics and construction methodologies, and take a deep dive into the evidence for advanced precision in ancient artifacts both big and small, and I’ll give my opinions on what I think it is that we’re really looking at when we seen these types of objects.

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Deconstructing SAA 27 page attack on Graham Hancock (queued up)
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