Elon Musk Tweets Tesla Battery Day Webcast and Live Event Update

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Tesla Battery Day is postponed. “We’re going to have to push out the date or attendance will be very low. Maybe do in two parts: webcast next month & in-person event a few months later?” This was the content of the early-morning tweet that came as a news update from Tesla CEO Elon Musk about its upcoming Battery Day event. More at

Twitter’s Tesla community responded in various ways about the Battery Day postponement. Some people prefer a Tesla Battery Day live event only, while others give preference to the webcast. Which of these do you prefer?

The Tesmanian reports.

Elon Musk announced that Tesla’s Battery Day may be pushed back later into the year because attendance could be low due to the ongoing pandemic. He mused whether or not Tesla should separate the event into two parts. The first part could be a webcast set for next month, and the second could be an in-person event set to take place a few months later.

The question of when Battery Day should take place and how Tesla should proceed with the event received mixed insights from the community. Some voiced that they would be ok if Tesla moved the entire event a few months back altogether for a singular in-person event. Others agreed that Battery Day should be split into two events. Either way, though, it was clear that everyone in the community was excited for Tesla Battery Day.

Others argued that there would be little to no chance of Tesla Battery Day having low attendance. Indeed, there would be a lot of people willing and excited to attend the event. However, the state of the current global pandemic makes events such as Battery Day challenging to organize. So, Tesla’s webcast would be the best way for Battery Day to take place if the company and the community really want the event to happen asap.


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