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educational technology in hindi | educational technology

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above video is on the topic of educational technology in hindi / educational technology.
The word technology is derived from Greek word ‘technique’ meaning art or skill and ‘logia’ meaning science or study.
Thus, technology is the science or the study of an art or skill.

Definition of technology :—
Hierra – “Technology is the set of instruments and skills which are used to satisfy the needs of the community”


meaning of educational technology —
Educational technology is a system in which material,man & methods are interrelated & work together for the fulfillment of special educational objectives and it also works for maximizing the educational effects.
Educational technology is a branch of study in which the benefits of engineering, technique, information science, natural science, behavioral science & human tech. are to be used to be promote the efficiency of education.

GOM Leith – ” Educational technology is the systematic application of the scientific knowledge about teaching- learning & condition of learning to improve the efficiency of teaching and training”.

1- it is based on scientific & technological advancment.
2- it is more a practical and less theoritical one.
3- it makes use of the research findings of psychology, sociology, engineering, science and social psychology etc and applied to same in the field of education.
4- it bring pupils, teachers and technical means together in an effective way.
5- it helps in maximizing teaching-learning process.

1-The basis of educational tech is science.
2-Educational tech studies the effect of science & technology upon education.In other words science & tech are used under education technology. Hence, it is the practical aspect of science.
3-Education technology is a continuous dynamic and producing method.
4-New conceptions are possible only due to educational technology such as programed learning, micro teaching, computers and many more.
5-Educational technology accepts school building, furniture and teachers act as input while various methods and techniques and teaching and examination with the help of audio visual aids function in the form of a process. Lastly the output is in the form of ability of pupils.
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