April 18, 2021

DXC Technology Maintains Focus on Patient Engagement

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A global perspective is particularly valuable during this pandemic as other countries are further ahead on their COVID-19 journeys than we are. If we keep our minds open, we can learn important lessons, including how to keep patients at the center of their care despite the pandemic. Dr. Michael Dahlweid, Global Chief Medical Officer & VP Healthcare/LifeScience at DXC Technology has a unique world view of COVID-19 and healthcare in general.

Based in Switzerland, Dr. Dahlweid and the team at DXC have worked with many government and healthcare organizations in China, Australia, UK, Sweden and the US. What they found was a common need for healthcare authorities to be able to engage patients on a massive scale. To do that you need a solid technology infrastructure and a focus on the patient. Dr. Dahlweid learned important lessons from their work in China in the early days of the pandemic and took those lessons to other countries.

Watch this video to learn:
* How communication infrastructure is so important during a pandemic
* How DXC helped create the ability for at-home COVID-19 tests
* Why we need to move quickly to address the next wave of the pandemic – the patients who have had their procedures delayed due to COVID-19
* What existing technologies could be stitched together to create a seamless patient experience even while isolating at home
* Why we might need “AI certifications” in the future, like what we have for physicians

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