Creativity in Technology Webinar Series 31 July 2020 — Dr. Christine Charyton

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Title: The Art and Science of Creativity

Abstract: Creativity has previously been described in terms of general creativity and domain specific creativity (Charyton, 2005, 2008). In this presentation, domain specific creativity in engineering, music and art will be explored and examined (Charyton, 2013, 2015). Tactics for defining, measuring and increasing creativity in engineering and music will be explored. Artistic creativity will be discussed in relation to culture and polymaths. Ukraine, a region in Europe, is the size of France or smaller than the size of Texas. In the Ukrainian culture, it is not uncommon for folk people to be polymaths. Ukraine is a region which is accessible to the East and West. An emphasis on creativity and innovation that is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary will be addressed in this invited talk.

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