April 10, 2021

Creative Technology in the Classroom: Lessons from Teachers and Students – Cathy Hunt

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Over the past few years a great deal of attention has been given to ’21st Century Skills’ in education. With the recent implementation of a new National Curriculum that includes a focus on digital technologies, there are unprecedented opportunities for students to collaborate and create with technology at every age and in every subject area.

While coding and programming have received a lot of attention across edu-news, any future-driven educational context should leverage a variety of new and novel approaches to technology, provide support for individual needs and address authentic, real-world, and relevant, problems.

So what do our connected classrooms really look like?

“Creative Technology in the Classroom” will present a snapshot of best practice from real classrooms around the world, and provide an opportunity for developers to learn from pedagogical approaches of schools at the cutting edge, as well as those struggling to develop a digital strategy.

If you create applications for kids, this presentation is a chance to ask yourself how well you really understand your users, and to evaluate the usefulness of the tools you create for the school environment.

We’ll engage in a frank, and fun, conversation about teachers (!) and unpack the reasoning behind their choice of tools for learning, challenges to 1:1 programs, common roadblocks for engagement and creative workflows. We’ll also take a look at the frameworks teachers use to develop digital learning programs and rubrics for selecting apps for the classroom.

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