April 21, 2021

Classical and Creative Technology

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Classical and Creative Technology
When Disney is turning plants into instruments, and the Philippines are using old analogue phones to deliver textbooks, it becomes clear creative ideas arise from anywhere. But that doesn’t guarantee they will.

Unfortunately, there’s no official formula. Although you could easily try to apply one: time + effort + skill x tequila = Cannes Lions. Good luck with that.

More often than not, groundbreaking creative ideas are not easy to coax. In fact you’ve probably found your ideas come to you when you least expect – as you’re just about to go to sleep or while you’re taking a shower. Which is rather annoying. Thanks brain.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to help your inspiration flow. Alcohol might just be one of them. But as the title and lead-in to this article suggest, one great answer is to always be looking at digital trends. Pairing a cool piece of tech or software with a brand or client brief can often lead to a great idea. As long as you remember it’s not just about execution.
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