April 22, 2021

Basic Skills for Computer Jobs – What you should know about IT Basics

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What basic knowledge should you have going into an IT job? Check out our response to a question that was asked to us on what things you should know when getting into Information Technology.

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Getting into IT can sometimes be a complicated thing to do, let this video show you some simple things that you should learn when you are considering a job in IT.

The following programs, tools, and applications are things that you should generally learn the basics and fundamentals of before getting into IT full time.

Everything Microsoft. If Microsoft makes it, 8 times out of 10 you should learn this or at the very least have a general knowledge of this.

Command Prompt. Yeah it may be a little old and outdated but I assure you there are some basics here you should at least know.

Power Shell. The bread and butter of IT now a days. Keep calm and learn power shell.

Active Directory. User management never became so easy. Learn it!

Exchange. Yeah everyone loves to email!

DHCP. Some basic networking skills never hurt anyone.

DNS. More basic networking skills won’t hurt you. Learn this too!

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