April 21, 2021

Awesome Personal Transportation For Your Everyday Life ▶9

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Personal transportation redefined! Check out the video to see how amazing they are!
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🎬Awesome Personal Transportation For Your Everyday Life ▶9🎬

0:17 – MYLO The One Second Folding Scooter
MYLO folds in less than 1 second. This genius design creates an ultra-compact and manageable scooter you can store almost anywhere.
The fun doesn’t even begin to describe MYLO! Whether RV’ing, commuting, or just using on the daily for errands, MYLO is a blast to ride.
MYLO is powered by a throttle activated 250w hub motor. Standard battery version averages about 15 miles per charge.

2:34 – EZRaider – Electric All-Terrain Vehicle
The EZRaider ATV is a solution for navigating through terrain that was previously only accessible by foot. With a more narrow design than traditional ATV’s and 4×4 quads, the EZRaider can squeeze through, around and over obstacles.


6:06 – Chainless Bicycle
For years bicycles have been running in the same format. Being chained and ridden like any bicycle with no excitement. The Chainless is breaking this cycle and bringing a new breed of riding form to the biking industry. The name says it all, free from chains and giving the rider the excitement and experience of riding again. Chainless is two forms of the bike in one. Changes from being a traditional bicycle to trick mode in seconds. Utilizing modern technology and style unseen before on the road, this is the Chainless.

9:00 – Scooterson Rolley S
Fundamentally unique. There is nothing like Rolley S.
Organically redesigned and engineered from scratch to help you ride more, easier and smarter.
Pure joy. No acceleration throttle, no gear changer, no learning curve. Rolley understands how you want to ride.

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