Advantages and Disadvantages of Information Technology | Information Technology | E-Business |Part-1

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Scope Of Information Technology:
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PROS and CONS of Information Technology:
Definition of Information Technology (I.T.)
Advantages and Disadvantages of Information Technology (I.T.)
-Information Sharing
-No Tiredness
-Improve Efficiency
-Decreases Rush
-More Job Opportunities
-Utility In Shops
-Utility at Homes
-Utility in Libraries
-Utility to Writers
-Benefits to Doctors
-Benefits to Lawyers
-Helpful in Research
-Helpful for Handicapped People (specially-abled)
-Improve Quality
-More Business Time
-Useful for Students
-Useful for Teachers
-Utility in Educational Institutions
-Useful for Organizations (Payroll preparation, Budget Preparation, Designing and manufacturing, Material Handling)

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