A Small Overview About Information Technology (IT)

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A Small Overview About Information Technology (IT)

What is IT (Information Technology)?

IT (Information Technology) refers to the development, use, and maintenance of computer software, systems, and networks.


The technology involving the development, maintenance, and use of computers and software for the processing and distribution of information.

Here Three things, Computer – Software – Network

Computer is Hardware to run Software,

Software to perform specified Business Operations,

Network for Communications,

Nowadays Information Technology is growing, not only for Computers, other devices like Mobiles….

Computer – Software – Network
Mobile – Software – Network

Note: Computer and Mobile devices are contributing to Information Technology

Development, Testing and Maintenance are required for Computer Software as well as Mobile Software,

We have different types of Computer Software, Command line applications, Desktop Applications and web applications.

We have different type of Mobile Software, Native Applications, Web Applications/Web Apps and Hybrid Applications.

Most of the Mobile Web Applications are clone of Computer Web Applications.

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