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✅🔟 Most Advanced HologramS that are INSANE!

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10 Amazing Holographic Technology that are INCREDIBLE! 😱 || TTI 2018

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#10 Laser-Plasma-Holograph
A company Burton developed this Laser-plasma-Holographic device.

#9 Fan-type-Holograph
Fan-Type-Holographic devices are those devices that spin similar to roof-fans but in a horizontal manner. The Fan’s propellers are merged with Sophisticated RGB-Lights, On spinning it produces the holographic illusions.

Here Is UK based Company Kino-Mo… A high quality premium class Fan Hologram

then as usual Chinese company also prepared the fan holograph
#8 Physical Hologram

1) inFORM Dynamic Shape Display:
Two MIT students, Daniel Leithinger and Sean Follmer invented this complicated and tangible inFORM Dynamic Shape Display.

2) Crazyflies 2.0 – is another physical hologram, which uses hundred of Autonomous Drones with LED light.Designed by Raffaello D’Andrea.

#7 Material Fused Holograms

1) Smoke projection – is an excellent projector technique for holographic-effect in Low budgets.

2) Underwater Hologram – developed by company Burton Inc.
3) Gatorade Water-Holograph – this holographic technology comprises over 20,000 parts and took 5000hours to construct.

#6 Holograms for Shopping Malls
1) Magic Leap – 7d Holographic Technology
2) 7D-Holographic show at Dubai
3) 7D holographic zoo at Japanese mall
4) Hyper- vision-wall
5) No-logram is a glasses-free and most realistic holograph developed by a French artist named Joanie Lemercier

#5 Table Holograms
1) Euclideon Hologram Table. World’s first true multi-user hologram table.
2) HoloLamp, world’s first glasses-free portable holographic device that creates optical 3D illusions directly on your table.
3) 3D Volumetric technology – Another table holographic device

#4 Event Holograms Developed by company AtmosFX.

#3 Stage Performance Holograms – MDH Hologram is pioneers in holographic technology and world’s leader in Holographic technology.

#2 Portable Holographic Device

1) Holovect. Surprisingly it is world’s Thinnest Hologram
2) Fairy Light, that is an interactive light -Another fantastic portable holograph.
3) Digital-Holographic-Tabletop

#1) Conspiracy Hologram – project-blue-beam holograph.

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