November 24, 2020
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भारत-बांग्ला बॉर्डर पर अब होगी High-Tech Security | Tech Tak

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India’s Home Minister Rajnath Singh has inaugurated a 61-km-long ‘smart fencing’ alongside the border of India and Bangladesh in Assam’s Dhubri district and this will soon be implemented on entire
4,096 km long India-Bangladesh border under first of its kind project called BOLD-QIT (Border Electronically Dominated QRT Interception Technique).
BOLD-QIT is a project under CIBMS (Comprehensive Integrated Border Management system), a robust and integrated system that is capable of addressing the gaps in the present system of border security by seamlessly integrating human resources, weapons, and high-tech surveillance equipment like Thermal Imager, Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS), Fiber Optical Sensors, Radar, Sonar have been mounted on different platforms like Aerostat, tower, poles etc.
CIBMS has three main components:
1. new high-tech surveillance devices such as sensors, detectors, cameras, ground-based radar systems, micro-aerostats (a lighter-than-air aircraft), lasers as well as existing equipment for round-the-clock surveillance of the international border;
2. an efficient and dedicated communication network including fibre optic cables and satellite communication for transmitting data gathered by these diverse high-tech surveillance and detection devices
3. a command and control centre to which the data will be transmitted in order to apprise the senior commanders about the happenings on the ground and thus providing a composite picture of the international border.

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